ånd fragrance, unstinking the world by hand-sourcing and hand-formulating pure essential oils and essences, not some cheap chemical goop churned out in sterile, soulless factories. By standing in solidarity with indigenous communities and those protecting precious ecosystems.

So let’s unstink the world.



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The quality is certainly there, it doesn’t smell designer, it smells a league above that”

Chris frag:mental & thefragranceapprentice

I don't know whether you would describe Båre as a raw green aromatic, perhaps you could even push it into the chypre category, but I do know that Simon Constantine has created a little piece of magic"

Stephan Matthews

A new venture by Simon Constantine (formerly of Lush), who has created fragrances with sustainability and ethical sourcing to the core. Sånd celebrates sandalwood, working with the producer Dutjahn (winner of the UN Equator prize), using distilled ‘deadwood’ so no living trees are depleted. Cardamom-flecked banana, rich labdanum and benzoin feel like awarm hug, infused with smokiness and a touch of black pepper. Memorable, long-lasting and very, very comforting.”

The Perfume Society

What we're about

Ethical | Traditionally sourced | Vegan

We bridge the gap between the old world and a new world. Not just because we use ancient and revered ingredients. But by actively addressing social justice.

By standing in solidarity with indigenous communities and those protecting precious ecosystems.

By doing our bit to rectify climate breakdown and the preservation of the natural world. Our world.

And by sticking our middle finger up at the big guys - the cabal of vapid fashion houses and their indulgent luxury markets taking it all and giving little in return.