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Fancy a cake with a difference, here’s our magic recipe:

Epically creamy, cakey caramel notes that are good enough to eat? – yep.

A dollop of FairTrade Cocoa absolute oozing with yummy goodness) – got that.

Deforestation free environmentally conscious cocoa beans – got that too.

Mix and spray generously for best results for you and the planet. Have your Cåke and all that...

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Have your Cåke and eat it?

Since the launch of ånd we’ve wanted to do things differently when it came to perfume and the planet. Each of our fragrances are designed to support communities and ecosystems, by using fairly trade cocoa absolute this is no different. Cocoa has become synonymous with unsustainable practises. With supply chains notoriously linked to slavery and deforestation the impact of poorly produced cocoa can be devastating (the carbon footprint alone can be as bad as beef).

However, there is an alternative. Cocoa trees don’t have to drive deforestation, growing just as well under the canopy of rainforests, many farmers are converting to agroforestry methods of growing which reduces the need for deforestation.

Done right, you can have your Cåke and eat it with our ethically sourced Cocoa absolute.

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