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Fancy a cake with a difference, here’s our magic recipe:

Epically creamy, cakey caramel notes that are good enough to eat? – yep.

A dollop of FairTrade Cocoa absolute oozing with yummy goodness) – got that.

Deforestation free environmentally conscious cocoa beans – got that too.

Mix and spray generously for best results for you and the planet. Have your Cåke and all that...

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Do good.

Cåke supports The Peace community of San José de Apartadó in Colombia who have been fighting for survival for decades. Put simply, this is a community formed to break the cycle of the unrelenting violence from paramilitaries and local militias.

But they’ve been subjected to murders, attacks and kidnappings: simply because they refuse to pick up arms and join the fighting. They knew they needed to find ways of creating income to survive. The answer was Cacao. It’s from these brave and wonderful people we get our Cocoa. The beans are transformed into an absolute which forms the delicious base for this ultimate gourmet fragrance.

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