ånd another thing

ånd is the brainchild and dream of renowned Perfumer and Nose, Simon Constantine.

Simon is perhaps best known for creating perfumes for over a decade for the global international beauty giant Lush Cosmetics. As head buyer and perfumer for Lush, Simon began Gorilla Perfumes in 2010, creating uninhibited and artistic fragrant creations for the brand and offered customers an antidote to mass marketed perfumes.

ånd takes this dream even further.

Best summed up in Simon’s own passionate words,” .The concept came from a feeling that the world was suffering fear and confusion and that it was time for some positive solutions to the problems we all face. Obviously perfume is a strange place to start but it’s my craft and the only way I could see to make a contribution”.

ånd proudly presents five fragrances formulated from the highest quality carefully sourced exquisite ingredients.

But everyone says that sort of stuff.

ånd is different though. Very different.

ånd is regenerative.

ånd supports communities whose voices need to be heard at this time of ecological and climate crisis.
These fragrances connect us in a very real way to real people and places on the planet that although sometimes remote, endangered or otherwise inaccessible, are of crucial value to humanity and the challenges we collectively face.

So let’s unstink the world together.

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