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Every now and again you do something that feels just spot on.

Something you feel compelled to do. Something you were always meant to do.

Today is one of those days.

We are super excited to announce our support for Choose Earth.

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‘Above us soared Bald Eagles. Their distinctive white caps and heavy beaks silhouetted against a fading sun. It felt wild. It is wild’ 

The truth is if the local community hadn’t got its act together, there’s a good chance chunks of the Great Bear Rain forest would be entirely missing right now.



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A few months ago funds were raised for the largest congress of Amazonian Indigenous groups to be held in Brazil. Their focus – how to protect their lands. Despite having legal entitlement to their demarcated lands the situation in Brazil that led to the infamous fires of 2019 are triggered by deliberate slash and burn agriculture illegally encroaching onto their lands. This led to record numbers of fires coupled with a weakening of both indigenous land titles and deforestation laws to embolden farmers and international firms to go out and trash the forests of which they consider themselves Guardians.
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