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Madagascan Vanilla
Naked vanilla packed with luxurious orchid warmth. Blended with the best Madagascar has to offer including ylang oil, vetiver, violet, musk, jasmine and cloves.

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Canadian Cedar
Gorgeous and intoxicating aromas of The Great Bear Rainforest ® Well, not the bears themselves. Obvs.

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Amazonian Tonka beans
Rich, fresh, floral and complex. Amazonian tonka beans mixed with ethically sourced and sustainable Brazilian orange oil, lavender, neroli and fennel. Spellbinding.

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Somalian Frankincense
What we do with this arcane and noble fragrance is close to a miracle. A true celebration of fun, fresh and fruit. You ‘eard. And not any creepy old clergy or a spooky gothic church in sight.

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Australian Sandalwood
We’ve tracked down a unique Australian sandalwood versatile enough to handle hints of outlandish banana, cardamom, black pepper with weird and wonderful Labdanum and Benzoin resin.

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100% natural inside & out
Our weird but wonderful revolutionary new packaging is literally nuts. Filled with a solid fragrance.

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Unstink the world

ånd fragrance, unstinking the world by hand-sourcing and hand-formulating pure essential oils and essences, not some cheap chemical goop churned out in sterile, soulless factories. By standing in solidarity with indigenous communities and those protecting precious ecosystems.

So let’s unstink the world.