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Polished ånd tag solid perfume with recycled caps made from cans

Go nuts this Jan with a free tåg

Get a free tåg solid perfume worth £35 with a 50ml Parfum purchase

For those of you who don’t know, tåg is the solid perfume version of our fragrances which are suspended in regenerative butters and uniquely
concealed within a beautiful hand-tooled Ecuadorian tagua nut.

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Smell good.

Western Red Cedar | Shore Pine | Douglas Fir | Rosewood

Ahhh cedar. Old school floors, air freshener in the downstairs loo with a top note of disinfectant. Yeah right.

This delicious fragrance encapsulates the living heart of the forest with lingering and enigmatic essence of the Great Bear Rainforest®.

With sustainably sourced ingredients from within its bosom that help maintain this breathtaking but threatened environment, its wonderful wildlife and its ancient peoples.

Does it pack a punch? Do bears...?

Do good.

Helping protect and maintain the Canadian Great Bear Rainforest®

The protection and maintenance of the Great Bear Rainforest® remains one of the greatest environmental achievements in Canada's history. It is from this incredible and precious ecosystem that we source our rare and wonderful conifer tree essential oils. They are carefully selected, using only branches and needles so protecting the trees themselves.

The sustainable income-generation helps restore the balance and builds a positive connection between consumers and Indigenous Peoples of the Great Bear Rainforest®. Who, since colonization, have suffered many hardships - which really sucks.

I don't know whether you would describe Båre as a raw green aromatic, perhaps you could even push it into the chypre category, but I do know that Simon Constantine has created a little piece of magic.

Stephan Matthews

It became lots of different things, like a woodland fairytale.  Firstly, there’s that sharp, piny conifer smell. It has a bit of gentleman’s fougère about it, what with the pine going on. The sharp edges are seamlessly sanded down into a warmer cedar accord, where  an almost minty edge melts into a creamy base. At this point, I discerned a touch of posh, manly soap as freshness and warmth combine into an irresistible blend that I want my husband to wear forever.

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