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Choosing a scent can be tricky business. As well as trying out our five fragrances in our Discover åll set, our specialist will unlock all the secrets to each scent. So you can learn all about the ingredients and sourcing that has gone into our fine fragrances.


Chat through the unique notes of our
5 fragrances. How to wear them, where to
wear them & how to keep them.
Answering any questions you have
along the way.


Learn about the communities sourcing
our ingredients and the work we do with
them - not just as suppliers but as
partners & friends.


We've got a few cool stories around
our shop decor and packaging we reckon
you'd like to hear.

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Fill in your details with a preferred time & date if you fancy a 15 minute free online consultation with our lovely shop staff. Ideally you have already bought a discover åll so we can sniff along together and discuss the scents and sensibilities of our ethical range!