So, the world's falling apart, at least that's how it feels right?

In short it stinks. And a lot of it’s our fault.
But it may not be over just yet. Ok, it may feel hopeless but there’s more than a splutter of life in our beautiful planet left.
Oh yes, and we can still make choices to help. Take actions to heal. And do stuff to make a difference.
Let’s be honest we ain’t going to change the world or ‘save it’ on its own.

We just make perfume ffs

But we can make a stand. Change the way we think. Challenge the ‘norm’ of a bloated $40billion fragrance industry. And you know what?
Maybe, just maybe, we can actually do some good - and help rebalance the relationship between humankind and the natural world at the same time.
Which is a hell of a lot more than most are doing!

We bridge the gap between the old world and a new world.

Not just because we use ancient and revered ingredients. But by actively addressing social justice.
By standing in solidarity with indigenous communities and those protecting precious ecosystems.
By doing our bit to rectify climate breakdown and the preservation of the natural world. Our world.
And by sticking our middle finger up at the big guys - the cabal of vapid fashion houses and their indulgent luxury markets taking it all and giving little in return.
By hand-sourcing and hand-formulating pure essential oils and essences, not some cheap chemical goop churned out in sterile, soulless factories. We’ll go further. This is just the start.
But if we can reduce the stench of exploitation, mindless consumption, flagrant and disgusting over-indulgence and pointless opulence, then it’s a smart place to start.
So let’s unstink the world.