Perfume is all about ingredients. Right?

Wrong. Sadly, more and more in the world of fashion fragrances, the ingredients are hidden behind marketing bs and swanky, wanky ad campaigns.

The name and the style of bottle have become the solely important bit. It’s all about celebrity, name-games and brand. The perfume itself and its ingredients don’t get a look in.

But at ånd we have a different view. Of course.

Our ingredients are everything...

They are literally essential. They provide the connection from us to our supplier partners. And then, ultimately, to you.

They tell stories. They’re imbued with the very essence of the terrain, climate, communities and lives of real people. They are much, much more than just oils and essences, scents and aromas. They are the very lifeblood of what we’re about.

They are broadly split into three areas:

1. Essential oils and absolutes.
These are the distilled essences of plants, the aromatic compounds of flowers, leaves, gums, resins, roots and bark that contain the precious oils that we use in our perfumes.

2. Nature-derived extracts.
These are chemically-named materials which occur naturally within an essential oil.

3. Aroma chemicals.
These are completely synthetically created materials. This may sound scary but often these either replicate a material that may involve animal cruelty (think musks) or replicate odours not readily or easily available in nature without environmental or economic impact.

Anyway, we use all 3 of these types of material at ånd. To some, this may sound surprising. But, rest assured our preference is to use total naturals first.

We are careful to select constituents that actively support people and the planet in real ways and then by trading in ingredients that support and provide communities with livelihoods.

Our use of aroma chemicals is as limited as we can make it. But where we do have to use them, it’s either to replace materials from sources we don’t believe is right to use or to create aromatic impacts that aren’t available naturally…yet.

Truly sustainable perfumery is still evolving. So, for instance, sometimes the use of a natural ingredient distilled in a water-stressed corner of the world may be less sustainable than a chemical sourced or created to replace it in an energy-efficient lab.

Obviously, we would rather use materials that create dynamic and evolving ecosystems and drive community empowerment than we would support or create more faceless industrial units.

So, you can rest assured, you will always find us championing natural materials suffused with the odd drop of pragmatism as we look for the truly regenerative solutions.

Simon Constantine

Frankincense | Myrhh | Lemon

Frankincense. Bet you’re thinking dark, churchy dusty incense and smells of a dodgy pipe smoking priest’s frayed robes.

Fact is, frankincense can be fresh and fruity. Seriously.

What we do with this arcane and noble fragrance is close to a miracle. A true celebration of fun, fresh and fruit. You ‘eard. And not any creepy old clergy or a spooky gothic church in sight. Thank god.

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Tonka | Cocoa

For far too long, Tonka has been sacked off as poor man's vanilla. But no one should put this baby in the corner. In actual fact its warmth and richness make it a classic in its own right.

And once you’ve chucked in ethically sourced and sustainable Brazilian orange oil, lavender, neroli and fennel, you’re really cooking.

All oomph and sophistication. Like a rich, yummy posh pudding with none of the calories or the guilt.

Bloomin’ delicious.

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Western Red Cedar | Shore Pine | Douglas Fir | Rosewood

Ahhh cedar. Old school floors, air freshener in the downstairs loo with a top note of disinfectant. Yeah right.

This delicious fragrance encapsulates the living heart of the forest with lingering and enigmatic essence of the Great Bear Rainforest®.

With sustainably sourced ingredients from within its bosom that help maintain this breathtaking but threatened environment, its wonderful wildlife and its ancient peoples.

Does it pack a punch? Do bears...?

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Vanilla | Buchu | Bergamot

Madagasgar’s threatened forests are home to some of the most intoxicating plants in the world. Including vanilla. Which smells loads better than a lemur.

But we’re not talking about ice cream or a shot of vanilla goo in a skinny latte. No, this is naked vanilla packed with luxurious orchid warmth. Blended with the best Madagascar has to offer including ylang oil, vetiver, violet, musk, jasmine and cloves.

Think of this it as an ecosystem in a bottle; a hug from mother earth. You get the picture..


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