A Frånk appeal from Simon.

Somaliland is on the edge. Right on the edge.

Home to frankincense, myrrh and even gold, this biblically epic region and its people are in serious danger.

The ravages of drought, disease, war upon war, political turmoil and even fricking locust plagues (you couldn’t make this stuff up!) continue to mercilessly kick the people and land where it hurts at a time when they need support the most.
And with the vast majority of communities being pastoral herders, Somali people’s livelihoods rely on the land.

However, since 2015 prolonged drought has led to disastrous die-offs of animals, leaving thousands to settle in internally displaced refugee(IDP) camps. Which are no bloody holiday camps, I can assure you.

If all that wasn’t enough, this tortured region has repeatedly been cited as the case study for the impacts of climate change.
Speaking frankly things are f**ked unless we do something about it.

On the plus side, frankincense provides lifeline for many communities. After ‘tapping’ the frankincense tree’s bark with a cut, the valuable golden tears of resin are produced.

However, as both rain and money dry up, the trees are tapped to the point of exhaustion and possible death.

So here's the plån

We are supporting a series of small-scale community nurseries growing hardy frankincense trees for the future.

This will make a positive start to rebalance the whole shit show.

As these begin to flourish it’s our plan to work closely with communities to create further opportunities using cutting edge growing techniques which will help to restore and regenerate these harsh drylands. But let’s not forget the people themselves. The refugee camps require urgent aid and medical attention.

And we believe that short-term aid can become true resilience when focused on regenerative livelihoods.


All fine words. But what can we actually do?
Well, to provide valuable help to the nurseries and to the displaced communities,

we’re going to give 20% of our actual revenue

(not some tax-dodging tiny proportion of profit that usually passes for corporate social responibility!) to the cause.

So when you buy Frånk (well any of our fragrances), not only will you smell good; you’ll be doing some real good.

Which has to be good, right?


Thanks. Si.